About Tattoo Removal UK

Tattoo Removal UK was created in 2013 out of the highly rated Flesh Tattoo studio which was based on Manchester’s Lloyd Street. The laser clinic’s new location is just a short distance from the tattoo studio where it all started. The company’s interest in new laser tattoo removal technologies started because founder of Flesh Tattoo and Tattoo Removal UK, Jamie Alaise, wanted to remove several of his awful tattoos. After recruiting some amazing tattoo artists and seeing the technically advanced designs they were creating, Jamie realised just how bad some of his old tattoos were.  Having tried several tattoo removal options, including some of the more ‘experimental’ ones, particularly in an aim to get rid of the deep, black cover-ups he hated, it became clear that there needed to be better transparency about laser tattoo removal methods and practices.

After investing in the first laser tattoo removal machine (a table-top ND YAG) Jamie started to learn more about laser removal alongside the studio’s resident piercer at the time, Nick.  Nick later became the second laser technician and even travelled the world visiting shows and exhibitions to find the best new machines and build relationships with laser technology innovators. These relationships have enabled us to get the best technology available to remove tattoos in the safest and most efficient way. Every time the technology improves, we invest in better machines.

Our passion to be the best at removing unwanted tattoos, whilst delivering an informative and professional service which comes from knowing that for many people there are lots of negative feelings attached to their old and unwanted tattoos. Years of discussing problematic tattoos with clients has really brought home the psychological impact that unwanted tattoos can create, and the fact that negative associations play a massive part in the decision to want a tattoo faded for a re-work or a complete removal.  Tattoo Removal UK now carries out an average of over 400 appointments a month and have expanded across the UK. We expect to be completing 1000 appointments a month by mid-2024 and want to help as many people as possible remove their unwanted tattoos as safely, quickly and comfortably as possible.


Meet the Team

Jamie Alaise - Founder

The Team

Jamie’s background is primarily in business start-ups, though he now focusses on being a full-time ‘geek’ about skin and laser technologies. Having been fully trained in laser processes by courses created in conjunction with The University of Manchester and Lynton Lasers, he is still always keen to learn about advancements in the field having recently received the VTCT Level 5 accreditation alongside Carl.

Jamie has been lasering unwanted tattoos for over ten years now, since the opening of Flesh Tattoo (where the first laser tattoo removal appointments were carried out) in 2013. Years of owning a tattoo studio while carrying out specific laser training means he has an all-round understanding of inks, laser technology and skin. He is personally covered in tattoos and loves a variety of tattoo styles, but like so many, hates awful tattoos and the impact that these can have on the people that carry them.

His passion is to help as many people as possible to remove their unwanted tattoos in much the same way he did when founding Tattoo Removal UK. Listening to our clients’ stories about their negative attachments to their tattoos really motivates him to do the best job possible and utilise his years of experience to best serve them.

The Team

Josh Rafter - Clinical Lead & Nurse

The Team

Graduating with a degree in Nursing from King’s College London in 2016, Josh’s professional journey has spanned diverse healthcare landscapes, from Intensive Care to Accident and Emergency, navigating medical hubs across London, Kent, Manchester, and the serene landscapes of the Lake District.

Throughout Josh’s career, a profound fascination with wound management and skin care emerged, a passion ignited by the intricate interplay between restoration and patient well-being. This specialized interest propelled Josh’s trajectory towards becoming a dedicated advocate for comprehensive wound care solutions, including the increasingly sought-after field of tattoo removal.

Recognizing the impact of tattoos on patient psychology and self-esteem, Josh extended their expertise to include innovative tattoo removal practices. This additional focus allows them to address not only the physical aspects of wound care but also the emotional and psychological components associated with tattoo modification or elimination.

Josh’s commitment to enhancing patient outcomes now encompasses a holistic approach, where specialized expertise in both wound management and tattoo removal contributes to comprehensive patient care. With each encounter, Josh witnesses the transformative power not only of meticulous wound care but also of supporting individuals through the journey of tattoo removal, fostering a sense of empowerment and renewed self-confidence.

As a dedicated professional, Josh continually seeks avenues for growth and learning, embracing new challenges and staying abreast of emerging trends in the ever-evolving field of healthcare. Their journey stands as a testament to unwavering commitment, driven by compassion, innovation, and an enduring quest for excellence in both wound management and the evolving landscape of tattoo removal.

The Team

Carl Davidson-Wright - Director of Training

The Team

Carl’s background academically is in applied medical imaging, which includes X-rays, MRI and Ultrasound, and his areas of interest have always been related to anatomy and physiology. Although these areas may not be interesting to many, Carl is someone who has long worked with data, meaning the minutiae of things is fascinating to him. Carl is VTCT Leve 5 qualified in tattoo removal, as well as having certificates and training in hair removal, skin pigmentation correction, micro-needling and the application of HIFU.

The courses he has undergone were written in conjunction with the University of Manchester, making them ideally suited to his beliefs in thorough understandings and scientific accuracy.

Carl joined Tattoo Removal UK after knowing and working with Jamie for many years on other projects. Carl now works with clients and supports the training schedules for the business and our specialists.

Being close friends for many years, Carl was brought in so that Tattoo Removal UK could best utilise his extreme attention to detail and knowledge of physiology and the medical field. He endeavours to help people while making their experience both informative and stress free.

The Team

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