• The area to be treated should be free from  make-up, perfume, deodorant and body/face creams.
  • Avoid waxing, plucking, hair removal creams and bleaching for atleast 2 weeks prior to treatment to avoid skin irritation.
  • Please shave the area atleast 24 hours prior to your appointment to reduce the risk of increased irritation.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes, avoiding, where possible, anything that may cause friction or increased heat to the area of treatment.
  • Please ensure that you have eaten adequately prior to your appointment.
  • There should be no active or fake tan in the area to be treated. Use of sunbeds or prolonged exposure to sunlight is not allowed in the month prior to treatment and an SPF 50 must be used on the area between treatments. Suntans must be left to fade completely before treatment can start. Fake tans must also be fully faded before treatment can commence. (We reserve the right to charge for any appointment booked but abandoned due to active suntan or fake tan).
  • A medical history is taken at consultation, but we rely upon you to inform us of any changes to this. We need to know of any medication you are taking including those bought from a chemist or herbalist.
  • Allow 3 months to pass after a deep chemical peel treatment before any laser treatment is  conducted.
  • Make sure that you arrive in good time for your appointment.

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