Laser Tattoo Removal in Winter: The Benefits and Aftercare for the Winter Season


At Tattoo Removal UK, we are driven to ensure the best aftercare and results for our clients. As such, we provide aftercare and advice to all our clients to ensure you are maximising your results. This aftercare typically remains the same throughout the year, but there are certainly advantages to receiving treatments over the winter period, in comparison to the rest of the year.

1. Cold Air and Cool Conditions:

Having laser treatment is often treated in a similar way to a sun burn. The area will become warm to the touch, and we provide a cooling machine for all our treatments, and often aloe vera. This is to ensure we are keeping the area nice and cool, as you would for a sun burn. During the winter months, when the temperature drops, it is easier to cool the skin in the treated areas without the need to avoid the midday sun or hot living conditions.

2. Early Evenings and Darker Nights

Our specialists will tell you that avoiding the sun, sun beds, saunas and swimming pools when you are being treated for laser tattoo removal is an absolute must. During the summer period, this can be an issue with holidays and days out planned around soaking up the sunlight. During the winter period, when holidays are spent in colder climates, enjoying the Christmas market or inside at the cinema, avoiding these sun traps makes it much easier for the skin to recover and heal from your treatment. Our specialists can’t treat tanned skin, so with the absence of sun for longer periods of time, we see less tanned skin and can treat tattoos much more easily.

3. Always Stay Hydrated

Although this is always encouraged, staying hydrated is crucial for your immune system to be able to deal with the ink after your treatment. During the winter season, staying hydrated is just as important as any other time of the year, so we always encourage our clients to be drinking enough water, as well as the occasional glass of mulled wine.

4. Dress Appropriately

After a laser tattoo removal session, the area will be sensitive, and to ensure the treated area heals well, we ask our clients to avoid any tight clinging clothing, or any clothing that will create friction against the skin. Loose fitted clothing is perfect, as well as clothing that will ideally provide easy access for our specialists to treat the area with our laser head. If you have any questions or queries about this, do ask a specialist what they would advise at a free consultation before laser treatments sessions take place. Christmas jumpers are encouraged, the uglier the better.


With this information in mind, the autumn and winter periods are the perfect time to get those unwanted tattoos taken care of. Our friendly team are available seven days a week over three locations, so don’t let the cold weather get you down, we look forward to seeing you at Tattoo Removal UK.

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