Radiation Therapy Tattoos: Can They Be Removed?

At Tattoo Removal UK, we frequently see a unique tattoo come in for removal, something that we are more than happy to remove, and hopefully it’s a tattoo that less and less of us are having to get. Cancer patients who undergo radiation therapy quite often will receive up to five permanent dots on the skin. These dots are tattoos and act as such. These tattoos are placed during simulation in the area of the body where treatment may occur. In some cases, such as breast radiation, these tattoo markers are sometimes used to outline treatment areas and may be placed in each corner of the skin to be treated.


As new treatment plans are created, it is also possible that more of these tattoos will be required. These tattoos are small, often the size of a freckle, and can look like such at the time. These markers typically in three colours, black, blue or pink and although care is taken to try and ensure these tattoos are placed on areas of the skin which won’t be seen by others, this may not always be the case.


At Tattoo Removal UK, we understand that our clients may want tattoos removing for a vast host of reasons. We do not judge or comment on anyone’s tattoos. For some, it may not simply be the artwork that has driven them to want their tattoo gone, it may be a personal reason, unrelated to the quality or placement of the tattoo itself. Our specialists are completely understanding of all reasons for tattoo removal and are simply here to support you.


Radiation mark tattoos are treated in the same way as any other tattoos at Tattoo Removal UK. You will be seen at a consultation and patch test, and treatment can begin a week later. We do ask that you consult your specialist to ensure that laser treatment is appropriate for yourself.


In the UK, there are around 1000 new cases of cancer each day, and at Tattoo Removal UK, we take pride in being able to put to rest the process that so many individuals have to go through. These tattoos are often kept as a reminder of the triumph over such a frightening condition which affects so many people, but if you would prefer to leave these tattoos in the past, we are here to be able to achieve this with you.


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